Deep Clean Your Carpet Without Using Excessive Moisture

Deep Clean Your Carpet Without Using Excessive Moisture

Rely on us for low-moisture carpet cleaning services in Pocasset, Barnstable, Falmouth, MA or the Cape Cod area

Some people think that soaking their carpets with water and extracting it is the best way to clean, but using too much water is bad for carpets. Extra moisture makes cleaning chemicals soak in and become sticky. Moisture also encourages mold and bacteria growth. That's why BayCoast Cleaning provides a better kind of carpet cleaning services.

We offer low-moisture carpet cleaning services to clients in Pocasset, Barnstable, Falmouth, MA, as well as the Cape Cod area. Call 508-778-9000 now to schedule an appointment.

Take a closer look at our carpet cleaning process

When you get carpet cleaning services from us, we'll use the smallest necessary amount of water and cleaning products. We will:

  • Apply the products to your carpet
  • Extract your carpet with an oscillating pad machine
  • Clean the full length of your carpet fibers

The carpet will dry in out in an hour or less-no extraction needed. Schedule our low-moisture carpet cleaning services right away.